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Youth in Actions and Training Courses are some of the projects of Erasmus+ programme; their goals are to allow young people from different part of Europe to meet together and improve their skills by sharing knowledges in a non-formal way.  

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Some of our Erasmus+ Projects!

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Cooking for inclusion

“Cooking for inclusion” Kecskemét (Hungary) 23-29 July 2015 Countries: Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Bosnia, Hungary, France Project based on food: partecipants had to cook something typical from their countries and share it with the other people. In this way they could better understand other cultures by sharing food experiences!

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Learning by teaching

“Learning by teaching” Bucarest (Romania) 7-17 May 2015 Countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Romania Training course about non-formal education: during the training the partecipants learnt how to use non formal education for improving themselves.

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Treasure Hunt

“Treasure Hunt” Sighisoara (Romania) 20-29 March 2015 Countries: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey Every partecipants of the Youth Exchange learnt how to orientate herself/himself in the world of job opportunities.

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Who are you, Europe? A theatre exchange

“Who are you, Europe? A theatre exchange” Dresden (Germany) 14-21 March 2015 Countries: Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia Youth Exchange based on thatre: partecipants learnt the importance of non-verbal communication; by using theatral performances they tried to communicate in a different way for a non formal education.

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My story, your story, our Eu story

“My story, your story, our Eu story ” Granada (Spain) 3-9 February 2015 Countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Moldova, Bulgaria During this youth exchange, partecipants learnt traditions and culture of Europe, by sharing their ideas and stories about their countries.

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Motivate, Inspire, Dream

“Motivate, Inspire, Dream” Bran (Romania) 1-7 February 2015 Countries: Romania, Latvia, Italy, Poland, UK Training course to make young people learn how to motivate volunteers and how to take the best from them, by giving them chance to improve themselves and help other people.

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