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Neverland – L’isola che non c’è is an association born in 2018 from the experience of a former informal group of young people born in 2012 after a Youth Exchange in Hungary.

We realize activities through non-formal education and we organize ERASMU+ projects (Youth Exchange and Training Course) with the aim to help young people to develop their skills and to discover new cultures.

We are specialized in different fields, and this variety represents an important value for the potential of our group.

 Anna1Anna De Caro, Legale Representative & Group Leader.
She graduated in Business Administration in 2003 and she completed a Masters in Management of Made in Italy in 2004 at the Institute of Ancona Adriano Olivetti and one in Public Managment in 2010 at the UNICAL of Rende (CS).
She started work in the family company when she was young, and she developed early her great passion in travelling and staying in contact with young people from different culture.
She is an educator for young people of the organisation “Azione Cattolica” and she participated as a volunteer to the Youth Days in Paris, Rome, Cologne and Madrid.
In 2008 he won a scholarship to attend “The Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry” from Lehigh University – USA: 150 young people from 54 countries participate to this event every year.
She is FORMEZ for Calabria Region for the realization of local development projects.
Since 2011 he has participated as a group leader in Youth in Action projects in Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece and England and Hungary.
During the project in Hungary she started to develop the idea to set up the informal group “Neverland”.


Andreas Marcopoli, Journalist & Social Media Manager
Andreas was born in 1986 when there was the Berlin Wall yet, the Social Network didn’t exist and to have a black man guiding USA was considered only as an utopia.
He has a Master’s Degree in journalism and he did post-Master’s studies in Social Media Marketing; in his life he travels a lot and, in the past, he cooperate with some big companies or associations like Rai, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Barilla.
He likes no-profit, politics and contemporary art and, during his free time, he is a volunteer for Oxfam Italy.
He did projects abroad, like youth exchanges and training course in Greece, Turkey, Estonia, Iceland and Germany, where he learnt that a flag, if it is hold by two people, has a more value.
He is a fan of International from Milan football team, and he loves José Mourinho, Jurij Gagarin and Italo Calvino.
He can’t pronounce the “ř” used in Czech language, neither the long german words, but he strongly believes in an inclusive Europe, made by people, by equality, by hope.

ProvaEmanueleEmanuele Santoro. Born in Paola, in the day of summer solstice in the 1988 on the West Coast of Calabria, fascinated by the architecture and design, attended the Faculty of Architecture, also has attended several workshops of urban architectural design. He’s drawing his own space between Landscape Architecture and “less is more” theory of L. Mies van der Rohe…trying to not forget curves and futurism! Knows how to draw with light, but without an idea, he will never take a picture. Is part of the cultural association (and local group ActionAid) Arteaparte, one of the seven FIAF Photo Gallery, here “grows” photographically and thanks to the association has participated in exhibitions of photographic art FIAF. When he doesn’t sleep, draws with two pencils a 2H and a 3B, can not live without swimming. In May 2014 joined “L’Isola che non c’è” and here found new ideas, new motivations, and amazing new Friends. Is still looking for his own Pentesilea, trying not forget to reach the <<high fantasy>>.


Settimio Martire is a digital strategist and photography enthusiast.
He was born in the summer of 1981 in Calabria, few steps from the sea, the huge “pool” which he hardly separates from… He has a  Degree in Computer Science, and he is working as a freelance in e-government field. He is passionated about photography but he hates the nickname “photographer” that sometimes someone say to him. In his spare time he still carries on a project of local news and he is active in the field of volunteering. He loves to travel in Europe searching for fascinating stories, traditions and cultures, and he always document everything with a notebook and his inseparable reflex. He prefers seaside places (of course!) and in one of these ones, during a Youth in Action project, he has known the fantastic group of the Neverland!

SilviaSilvia Primiceri lives between Ionium and Adriatic seas, she is working for her family agricolture company, and for this reason she always has food in her house! She thinks that instinct is better than fate, and she always follows the first one. She was born on Saturday, as her mother always likes to remember her, and during Saturdays she lived some of her best life moments, like her first kiss and her first dance lesson. She thinks herself as a serial traveller and when she departs for a Youth Project she always try to have the highest number of stop points in the meanwhile; one of her favourite stop is Bergamo, where he had been lived and studied for long time, learning lor of things, especially the ones related to the local food. She loves food cause she thinks it is an universal languae, like art, music and hugs. Lot of people say that Silvia does amazing cakes…except when she puts salt instead of sugar! Despite of that, she truly loves to share her recipes and her smiles to everybody.

cristina1Cristina Casamonti, from Tuscany.
Cristina graduated in Arts in Siena and he completed a Master in Creating Events in Florence. She thinks that she can cut hair very well, but she can do really well only one thing: travel.

She remember all the places she visited, because she always left a pair of shoes in each of them.
In London she left a pair of yellow Converse, in Leeds a pair of green ones. In Prague she left black flat shoes, in Vietnam some espadrilles in blue and white stripes. In the last episode she left blueVictoria blue in California
She strongly believes that red wine and chees create the “perfect match”!
She recently pleasantly discovered that play ukulele does not require the sacrifice to stop biting nails, and she is happy for that. She is afraid of ignorance and boredom; she is curious and she can not stand people who do not understand anything about music; she would have to to be twenty years old in the seventies.
She loves her dog, York, and the green colour that she can see from her window.
Someone think she’s running away from something, but she thinks the opposite. She feels at home anywhere because she always brings the “home”with her and she put inside it all that she met on her way.

Aldo1Aldo Mascoli was born in Corato, Bari, one week before Christmas.
He studied in the agricultural field and, after some trips that he did to discover foods and far traditions, he arrived in France with the dream to become an oenologist.
He is always searching for a good hat and, withut knowing it, he is collecting scarfs.
He looks as if he could be that kind of person who prefer cats, but he really is a dog-lover.
He can speak other languages as his dialect and he drinks wine as if it is…wine! Aldo always ride a bike in the opposite sense of circulation, to recover time; he forgot how to play volleyball and he often sleeps hugging his guitar, because he believes to be a musician, but maybe he is the only one to know that! He is always searching for colour and sounds, but his real passion is to plau “Scopa” with huge cards, and by playing this game he met lot of people all around the world.
During his previous life he was a tailor and in the next one he will be a tree for sure.

A special thanks goes to Virginia Bellizzi, Enrico Pietrocola, Elisa Ferrari and Luigi Gigliobianco, that helped us in the first phases of our journay as “Neverland”!


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