What we do

-Creation, organization and management of  Youth in Action and Erasmus+ Projects 

We manage and organize multilateral youth exchange (here more information) and training course in Italy and in Europe. Our aim is to help young people to develop themselves thanks to non formal education, abroad travels and contact with different cultures.


Our team develops theorical and operative parts of the youth projects, it cooperates with foreign partners for the projects abroad, it deals with the selection of partecipants for each youth exchange or training course and it creates the follow up and the communication around the event.

We strongly believe in human values: we follow our partecipants in each step of the projects, to offer them the best experiences in the Youth in Action/Erasmus+ exchanges; we also lead not only professional but also friendly connections with the partners we cooperate with.


Until now we organized a Youth Exchange in Calabria (Italy) and we partecipated to projects abroad with our partners from Romania, Germany and Spain.

For a complete list of all our past projects you can click here.

For partecipate to our new projects instead you can click here and see the vacant calls.


-Cooperation with local associations for spreading Erasmus+ iniziatives and information

We are in contact with associations, schools and organizations in some areas of Italy (mainly in Calabria, Rome, Tuscany and Puglia) with whom we work to spread information about Erasmus+ Programme and to inform local people about the opportunities around it.

We believe that inform people about these initiatives is very important to allow young people to actively participate and clearly know everything about Erasmus+ Project.


-Training courses

Neverland, L’Isola che non c’è offers modulated courses (online and offline) on issues related to European projects and communication.
Are you ready to live Europe as protagonist?


We offer:

-Euro-project and Project Management courses to prepare and participate Erasmus+ projects – KA1 (how to write a project, what to know before to write it, how to fill out the form, where to find partners, how to manage the budget once the project will be approved, how to communicate the results in the “follow up” phase etc.etc.);

-basic and advanced photography courses (basic elements of the camera, how to work with different kind of photography, taking pictures in the different modes – aperture priority, shutter priority AV, manual- how to use ISO, digital noise reduction, light management and so on);


– social media marketing, web communication and WordPress courses (how to create and manage Social Networks, spread,  how to write attractive texts to potential users and customers, how to manage a website in WordPress).

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